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About VPD Industries

Welcome to VPD Industries, a family-owned and operated metal fabrication business nestled in the heart of South Western Sydney, extending our premium services to the broader Sydney metropolitan area.


At VPD Industries, we specialize in crafting bespoke and tailored projects that align seamlessly with our customers' unique requirements. Our expertise lies in producing top-tier, custom-made products.

steel | brass | stainless steel | aluminum

About Us.

With a rich history of delivering exceptional custom fabrication solutions, VPD Industries takes pride in its in-house manufacturing capabilities, catering to both residential and commercial needs. 

At VPD Industries, no project is too grand for us. We embrace challenges of all sizes, allowing us to offer tailor-made sizing and designs that cater to your specific building requirements. Rest assured, our products are crafted from the finest materials, guaranteeing unparalleled quality. 

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Founded in 2019 by Vincent, VPD Industries has grown steadily over the years into a trusted and innovative team of fabricators.  Fusing a lifelong devotion to metalwork and a visionary commitment lays the groundwork for excellence. Vincent, our Director and Owner, embarked on an extraordinary journey in the metal industry at the age of 19, amassing decades of invaluable experience along the way.


Drawing from a rich background in the automotive sector, Vincent has honed a profound understanding of intricacies and developed a keen eye for detail, shaping the very essence of VPD Industries' approach to tackling the most intricate industrial and architectural projects. Exploring the intricacies of Refinishing Technology and Repair Technology qualifications, he has infused our approach with a continuous stream of innovation and cutting-edge expertise, elevating our methodology to new heights.


Vincent's passion for pushing boundaries and embracing new challenges permeates every facet of VPD Industries, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients.


We have diversified into the designing, manufacturing, creation or repair of virtually anything metal.

Services We Offer.

Each project offers challenges, some of which not everyone is willing to take. Our team thrives on challenges and complexity to ensure satisfaction and quality. Our staff are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction on every project by delivering high-quality fabricated products.

What sets VPD Industries apart is not just individual prowess but a collective commitment to excellence. Our team boasts multiple qualifications, ensuring a holistic approach to addressing diverse customer needs. Beyond individual accomplishments, we have cultivated a network of partnerships with local businesses, enhancing our in-house capabilities for manufacturing and designing projects.



Handrails | Balustrades | Fencing | Gates | Privacy Screens | Furniture | Doors | Cladding | BQQ Kitchens | Plant Beds | Fixtures 


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